Release of Scarletred®Vision Version 3.0

New look & feel
The Scarletred®Vision online platform got a little wardrobe change. Our product has evolved (below you can read more about our new features) and we believe our look needs to evolve with it. Log-in here and see for yourself.

We support all scoring systems
Scarletred®Vision V3.0 comes packed with new important features. The scoring system was redesigned from the ground up to support all standardized dermatologic scores like SCORAD or PASI, plus offer the full flexibility to customize the scoring system to our clients needs. We also added support for full body scoring accessible via any device including mobile, tablet or computer.

So many updates!
There have been countless updates and new features in Scarletred®Vision. We summarized some of the most outstanding features which recently have been added. 

Scarletred®Vision now includes:

  • DeltaE calculation For the first time in dermatology, users don’t need bulky hardware like chromameters to measure color difference in deltaE values.
  • App Analytics The user can now perform size measurements via the app which can be used instantly on-site and offline. This feature can be particularly beneficial in the recruitment process of a clinical trial.
  • Plot The user now benefits from a real-time graph visualisation of the course of investigation to monitor study progress.
  • Automatic Face Assessment When uploading new images of faces, the user benefits of an automatic face assessment including analysis results and plots for nine facial regions.

Do you want to know more about SCARLETRED?

How it works
There are three Scarletred®Vision components. Read here how they work together and what they are used for.

A broad range of dermatological applications
Have a look at some of our successful application examples and what our clients primarily use Scarletred®Vision for. Click here

Scarletred®Vision platform single user mode
You can click here to go to our platform and have a look in the single user mode. It provides access to pre-uploaded images, basic skin monitoring and measurement tools and already pre-analyzed data. The data shows exemplary applications including skin testing, psoriasis, wounds, acne and many more.

Schedule a free online live demo
Our support team is happy to schedule a live online demo with you in order to walk you through the product and temporarily unlock your data upload, multi-user accessibility and any of your individually required product features.

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