Established in Clinical Skin Drug Research

Applied in Phase Ib to analyze Radiation Induced Dermatitis

SCARLETRED’s skin analysis algorithm are clincally validated and base upon the digital assessment of color values within the L*a*b* color space, which also provides the basis of todays often used spectrophotometer devices in clinical dermatology. Our state of the art technology was developed in the course of a clinical Phase Ib drug trial in irradiated female breast cancer patients suffering from Radiation induced Dermatitis (RID). Such painful side effects occurs to some degree in most patients receiving radiation therapy and can be likewise heavily potentiated by concomitant chemo-, or immuno-therapy. By using SCARLETRED®vision, standardized and objective imaging data can be generated, here with respect to the intensity and time point of developed erythema over treatment time of a single patient. The quantitative analysis on developed RID (CTCAE grade 2) of an irradiated Head And Neck Cancer (HNC) patient is given (publication in progress).

Quantitative analysis of RID in a single HNC patient

Grey Erythema value
Red a* value
X-Axis Treatment Days
Y-Axis Measured Signal

SCARLETRED®VISION signal intensity map HNC 2015