“The SCARLETRED®VISION platform enables for the 1st time precise measurable skin study results, statistically evaluable, at a minimum of 50% time and cost savingcompared to previous skin studies. SCARLETRED sets up a novel DIGITAL GOLD STANDARD enabling efficient BIG DATA -Studies for the Pharma Industry and Lean Studies for the Cosmetics Industry.”

IBM Partner, scarletred

“The problem we solve…

... is insufficient subjective visual skin assessment caused by a lack of objective technology in global Dermatology.

Tele-Dermatology is the most common application in eHealth and with a even increasing speed of usage of smartphone and tablet devices in public healthcare this trend will gain even more momentum over the next years. However due to the lack of a validated digital Gold Standard for Dermatology, standardised digital documentation and objective digital assessment of visual skin changes and taking thereupon derived predictive assumptions or even diagnosis is still impossible.

Consequently the development of novel therapeutic approaches and skin medicine is inefficient and time consuming and cost in health care steadily rise. The mobile system SCARLETRED®VISION delivers a novel Gold Standard for medical routine and trials, solving this problem.


Real time monitoring
Enables real time and contact less investigations in skin drug trials

GCP compliant work flow
Manage user functions (upload, monitor, analyst) and share data with partners

Online data management
Manage data online sorted by trial, location, patient and time.


Automated image data allocation
QR and trial codes increase data safety and automate data allocation

Sorted raw and analysis data export
Export raw and analysis data individually per study and trial site

OS and hardware independency
Subscription ensures that your tools are up to date and reduces your infrastructure cost


Quantitative image analysis
Measure visual skin changes by objective skin imaging algorithm

Signal intensity maps
Augmented visualisation tools support experts in medical routine and trials

Objective remote skin tracking
Image calibration in color/size to objectify tracking of disease and treatment


scarletredvision, Radiodermatitis

Time dependent development and severity of radiation induced Dermatitis was documented and quantified in Head and Neck Cancer and correlated with the clinical assessment; dt = 35 irradiation cycles; shown signal intensity map of skin erythema on day 31 of irradiatiom


SCARLETRED®VISION contact_allergy

Allergy caused skin erythema was quantified in 45 study participants, topically challenged with a nickel and correlated with the gained clinical assessment; dt = 5d / patient; shown signal intensity map at baseline (left) and at the end of treatment on day 5 (right).



Objective routine wound documentation is carried out in Epidermolysis bullosa (EB, butterfly children) in cooperation with the EB-House Austria (SALK); due to the sensitivity of medical data please understand that we can only present you the signal intensity mapping.



Increase in skin pigmentation (L* value) in radiation induced Dermatitis documented by objective imaging in 19 treated female breast cancer patients; shown statistic correlation with subjective clinical assessment of developed grade 0-1; dt = 25 irradiation cycles per patient .



Allergy caused skin erythema was quantified in 45 study participants, topically challenged with a nickel and treated with placebo or a drug; dt = 6d / patient; exemplary blinded result of a patient comparing two challenged areas treated with either a drug or placebo .



Change of the size of the healing wound lesions was assessed in a diabetic ulceration model in 40 animals which were treated by different modalities; dt = 21d / animal; shown baseline at the time point of wounding and decrease of wound size over time.