Beeing part of the #HealthHubVienna feels like having a bit of #SiliconValley in the heart of Austria and enables us to attract new partners in Europe more efficient, says @HaraldSchnidar at final demo day of Batch 3 #DigitalHealth // scarletred photo

Partnering is our major key driver of targeted product innovation. Happy meeting with you today on the Boston Biotechnology Summit at @TheWistar institute in Philadelphia @scarletred


Our CEO @HaraldSchnidar is discussing @DarwinsCircle the topic "From Big Data to Precision Medicine" with panel colleagues from @cellmatiq @kapsch @Medopad // scarletred photo

#Bigdata in #Healthcare, THE topic of today’s #healtheconomy and the basis for #precisionmedicine.
Jochen Borenich, Georg Langs, @scarletred, Dr. Andreas Nemeth, Michaela Fritz, Siegfried Meryn, Kathrin Kuess, Johannes Hohenauer //

Featuring our own @georg as moderator and guest panelists from @scarletred @cellmatiq @Medopad & Kapsch Business //